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"At the beginning, we worked with my friends who were artisanal in the 1970s. But later, we heard of an enamel artist from La Vallee de Joux, who was working at Jaeger-LeCoultre. Dominique Baron was the enamel artist. "She didn't have any knowledge of miniature painting or cloisonne, but was very passionate about enamel art, so she joined us."

Master enameller, Dominique Baron

The company decided to use only black and white dials when it moved into its current location in Meyrin. This sounds easy, but is actually very difficult to achieve as you have to make a perfect flat surface with no replica watches Baron was able to solve the problem when even the famous Stern Cadrans were unable to do so.

Dubuis's passion for enamel dials was a big help. "I've always been passionate about enamel dials, but more so for the art of it than the object itself. "I think that this stems from my restoration days when I occasionally had an enamel dial to fix. I had to find solutions and learned and discoveredalotabout enamel at this point."

Life cut short

The industry was devastated when Baron died in 2012. Revolution recalled that she was one of the best enamel artists of her time. Furley remembers: "The very first time I saw Dominique,replica omega seamaster 007 watch it was in her tiny workshop, enclosed in glass at the high-tech tissot replica Manufacture, where we both worked. She would grind her enamel powders using a pestle and mortar. She painted miniature pieces of art on dials.